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#WalangForever sa pag-ibig pero sa art yata meron

I remember reading somewhere about a Pinoy sending a question to a world-renowned scientist. And of all the things he had to ask, he asked this: Is there a “forever”? From what I remember, the scientist took it as a question about time. Is time infinite? But of course we all know what the guy was asking. What he was asking clearly was: “May forever nga ba?” The question should’ve been: “Does everlasting love exists?”
I was reminded of this today because yesterday my friend and I were discussing Dan Villegas’ #Walang Forever. To be honest at first I thought the movie and I weren’t a good match. In fact, I had no intention of seeing it and only saw it because I had a free ticket. Libre eh. I mean aren’t we already ODing on the concept of romantic love? Is this mass hysteria on romance due to the fact that our lives have become unbelievably unbearable? These were the thoughts that I had as I sat inside the cinema while watching the two leads “meet cute” at the University of the Philippin…