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Si Simone de Beauvoir at ang Ex Machina

Simone de Beauvoir once argued that there is a big difference between being a female and being a woman. One is born a female and is defined as a female because of one’s sex. Being a woman, on the other hand, is an evolution and much of what we think of what a woman should be depends on the pervading culture on which the female is born into. Beauvoir further argues that the woman of today is pretty much defined by a patriarchal society. The men have defined women as feminine as opposed to being masculine. Men have inculcated to the society at large that women are of a weaker sex. The effect of this is that for the longest time, women are subjugated by the men, which is considered the “stronger sex.”
I was reminded of this when I finally saw Alex Garland’s Ex Machina, about a billionaire who creates an artificial intelligence in the form of a woman. The creator, Nathan, lives alone in what seems like paradise (Eden perhaps?) with his inventions. He invites one of his employees, Caleb, to…

Poached eggs and the meaning of life

Understanding myself, or at least the attempts of it, seems to be, at the moment, my most serious preoccupation. Constantly, I attempt to find out who I really am and why I do what I do. This is in the hopes that once I find out how I tick I will unravel the real essence of my being, the real reason for existing. No wait, I don’t believe that we have a significant reason for being. I just know or believe that we have to find a reason, or a purpose, in order exist peacefully in this seemingly insignificant world. So constantly I look inside. It is a purely inward journey with the outside world barging in every now and then. Trying to find out how I work, however, is proving to be quite a difficult task. It’s like Mario Brothers all over again. I’m trying to jump from one castle to another, slaying dragons and eating mushrooms, climbing flag poles and crawling through green sewages only to be told at the end of the journey that the princess is in another castle. The princess, of course…

A gay man of a certain generation

Like what I was telling a friend last night, I am now a gay man of a certain generation. I grew up in the pre-Internet, pre-Grindr/ PR, pre-Pornhub/Redtube age. It was the ‘90s and the gay rights movement was at the cusp of going mainstream. But still, finding gay porn then much less representation in the media was like searching for water in an arid desert. At that time, seeing two men cuddle on MTV or in any movie for that matter (which may seem corny today) would send my heart fluttering. It didn’t matter if the gay characters were just relegated to the fringes. What mattered, to me at least, was that they were there. I would go around bookstores and video rentals (oh god yes, we used to rent out movies instead of downloading them) sniffing for gay content. I was also a hoarder of magazines from Details to Rolling Stones to the occasional Vogue (though I wasn’t much of a fan) and whenever there was a gay celebrity talking about his or her experience I would read and re-read the ar…