Da Horror... Da Horror!

If there is a holiday that I actually like celebrating its Halloween. Things always get interesting on Halloween night though sometimes not in a good way. Maybe I should organize a party with a theme “Multo ng Kahapon” and everybody can come in wearing hideous old fads that they secretly love (like shoulder pads and short shorts in my case). I already have a band picked. How about Me First and the Gimme Gimmes all night?

Speaking of Halloween, my Halloween last year was extremely horrible. I was invited to go to three parties and on top of that I was supposed to get high with a tolerable guy at midnight. Exciting right?The plan was go to his place, get sufficiently high, go through all three events half-conscious and then end the night with a good fuck. The problem was our bruha of a boss didn’t give our salary that week and I ended up not only cancelling all three lakads but I was also too broke to take a cab home. I only had an MRT card with me and the problem was I always get these nasty panic attacks whenever I am inside its crowded coaches. But I had no choice that afternoon and when the train arrived at the Ortigas station it was already teeming with passengers. I spent the station between Ortigas and Santolan looking at the sky and watching the traffic below, trying my best not to freak out. Panic attacks are terrible. Someone once described it as like dying. Mine always feels like my head is going to explode. When the train got to Santolan Station, I got off to let some people out and when the door was about to close a man quickly ran inside and took my place. I was left seething at the platform as the train left without me. I ended up spending that night at home drinking Red Horse and arguing on my phone with the guy I was supposed to be with. He was accusing me of blowing him off for another guy and I kept resisting myself from telling him to “Shut the fuck up I don’t have the sanity to deal with your abandonment issues!” Fast forward to Monday, our bruha of a boss finally gave our salary but decided to fold up the magazine. At that point I knew it was time to hibernate and terminate my 2014 even if it was still November. Although thinking of it now, I think our bruha of a boss probably did me a favor. If I did get high that night and went through my plan I would have embarrassed myself from QC to Ortigas. 

By the way, a few Halloweens ago I went to Malate with an office mate who brought along his uncouth Bedan barkada. After spending time in baduy bars I took them to Penguin. While inside the john I heard the two of them talking about how “gay” the place was. Kaloka. Halloweens. Sometimes fun, mostly horrible but I still kind of like it.


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