Outside looking in

Maybe Disgust was on board that day. Well, on most days it’s Anger and then Disgust or Sadness but rarely Joy. Yeah, maybe Disgust was on that afternoon because I sat in the theatre watching Inside Out and not exactly paying much attention. I just wanted to sit inside a cold space, watch bright colours, eat my popcorn and drink soda. Alone. And no, I wasn’t high if that’s what you are thinking. I decided to watch Inside Out because Bing Bong kept popping in my FB feed. Who the fuck is Bing Bong? Maybe I wasn’t into it because Joy was the one telling the story and I hated her from the get-go. Or maybe because I read somewhere that if the kid lived in some Third World country the story will be a hell lot different. Oo naman. Or maybe I kept thinking of Studio Ghibli movies and how co-director Ronnie del Carmen used to rave about Spirited Away. In fact, there is a shot in the movie that was a direct homage to Totoro. Remember the sleeping clown? I loved Totoro because I thought it was pure joy. I loved the sequence where the kids wait for their father on a particularly rainy night and the appearance of Totoro was preceded by drops of water on the umbrella. Or the scene where the kids wake up and see Totoro dancing before the bed of plants. It was strange and happy and kind of sad. The sadness was just bubbling underneath and Totoro was like this Earth mother who seems to cradle the kids as they go through difficult times. And one thing I sure didn’t like about Inside Out was how the story was told through the dialogue. Everything happening on screen was constantly being explained. Parang manual. Which is a bummer because the human mind --- as any expert will tell you--- still remains a big mystery. 


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