Paalam Chichi

2010 - 2015

“In the course of the experiment, that chimp had a baby. Imagine how her trainers must have thrilled when the mother, without prompting, began to sign to her newborn.

Baby, drink milk.

Baby, play ball.

And when the baby died, the mother stood over the body, her wrinkled hands moving with animal grace, forming again and again the words: Baby, come hug, Baby, come hug, fluent now in the language of grief.” 

Amy Hempel, In the Cemetery Where Al Johnson is Buried

But Chichi, I’m still not fluent in the language of grief. And I miss you. And we all feel so alone without you. 


ZaiZai said…
Hugs! I'm sure Chichi misses you too.
Rudi Candaza said…
I'm sorry for your loss.
bwisit! said…
Salamat Zai and Rudi. I don't think I'll stop missing her...

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