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oh god, i think i just fell in love

this is Koharu Sugawara. don't know anything else about her but i did try to google "Koharu Sugawara lesbian." the results were inconclusive. however i did see another video of hers and if she is a lesbian oh man ang ganda ng subtext ng video na ito -

One day

It’s simply the case of having too many lighters and not having enough cigarettes or is it the other way around? Lately I dreamed about travel, sex and something else. My mother’s going somewhere tomorrow and I will be left alone for a week. Not a good sign. Then there is the deadline that I am  trying to beat and I think I am not going to make it. But still I try to march on because what else is there to do but to march forward, right? Now I have decisions to make. I feel like I’m walking on a tightrope. It’s quite difficult to create the life that you want, no? To create a life that I want and not the life that is simply given. Tug and pull. There’s always a tug and pull these days. Makes for a better character I think but really hellish to live through.