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learning to exhale

The house is quiet and I’m on my second and last beer for the night. I no longer binge on alcohol. Being drunk at night makes it harder to wake up for my morning jog. And my daily workouts and constant exposure to the sun have already contributed to the sad state of my skin. I don’t need alcohol to make my skin drier than it already is. And the last thing that I need right now is to look my age. Yes, getting old apparently makes one vainer.
I’m drinking now because it’s Friday and I’ve been meaning to drink since early this evening. I was supposed to go to a book launch but had to stay at the office until 11pm. On my way back to QC I kept wondering if I should go out alone. I’ve been meaning to do that for the longest time but eventually I decided to just go home (Because, as I had concluded during the ride, it’s the adult thing to do). Yes, I wanted to sit on a bar stool and enjoy some rock music but do I also expect to get picked up? Am I prepared to spend my Saturday morning drunk a…