the force is strong with this one

1. I want to have a bar. I want to have a bar so I can organize a losers’ night and we will play the most depressing songs ever and it will be the most fun we will ever have.

2. Sadness hovers around me like a filthy halo on a dog turd.

3. Like a trail of vomit, the misery he has left to the people he once loved stunk big time.

4. Okay so I fell in love. He was cute. What can I do? I’m shallow like that.

5. The force is strong with this one. Hm can I ask Tatay Nero to tattoo that on my ass?

6. I put on a facial mask earlier and my dog, Max the Lab, was like "Dafuq!"

7. So... bug chasers huh? 

8. I, um, googled you. 

9. Could someone please do a study about the lesbian themes on Barbie's earlier songs?  Pretty, pretty please? 

 10. On a slow Sunday afternoon while helping a friend pick a dress. Yes, it is a fucking selfie. 


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