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The afternoon was nice today, no? Even if the heat was absolutely infernal, I wanted to dine al fresco. I was hoping to have lunch with friends but most of them were busy. I didn’t mind though. I just wanted to eat, smoke and people-watch.  It’s not a Pinoy concept no, people-watching? We hardly dine alone and if we do find ourselves in a position where we could watch people just passing by either we’re too busy making chismis to notice them or we just don’t care. Sometimes I think Pinoys can be so self-centered. Or maybe it’s just the crowd that I usually find myself in.
Anyway, the afternoon was quite nice and it reminded me of someone that I used to hook up with. He was into chem and once after spending almost an entire day with him he got up and started smoking. It was already three in the afternoon and I could feel the heat creeping inside the room. I imagined the blazing sunshine and the warm breeze that awaited me outside. “Tama na ‘yan,” I told him. Lay off on the drugs alread…

" i'd give this world to you Every rock and every stone every masterpiece in rome"

because though you want to give everything, there are things that you just can't...

the force is strong with this one

1. I want to have a bar. I want to have a bar so I can organize a losers’ night and we will play the most depressing songs ever and it will be the most fun we will ever have.
2. Sadness hovers around me like a filthy halo on a dog turd.
3. Like a trail of vomit, the misery he has left to the people he once loved stunk big time.
4. Okay so I fell in love. He was cute. What can I do? I’m shallow like that.
5. The force is strong with this one. Hm can I ask Tatay Nero to tattoo that on my ass?
6. I put on a facial mask earlier and my dog, Max the Lab, was like "Dafuq!"
7. So... bug chasers huh? 
8. I, um, googled you. 
9. Could someone please do a study about the lesbian themes on Barbie's earlier songs?  Pretty, pretty please? 
10. On a slow Sunday afternoon while helping a friend pick a dress. Yes, it is a fucking selfie. 

‘I couldn’t say it to your face but I wouldn’t be around anymore’

I’m writing this because I’m drunk and well I think it’s a good story. A funny, sad story at least.
In the last couple of months after my third relationship ended, I started whoring around. The last two guys nearly drove me insane and I thought since I’m retiring from having a relationship I might as well have fun. To be honest, I was, well, I still am ready to grow old alone. So I hooked up indiscriminately, out of boredom, out of loneliness, out of anger. The craziness was so much that I now have a self-imposed ban on guys for at least a month. I have to get my shit together.

But of all the guys I hooked up with, there is this one guy that I actually liked from the moment wemet. The pre and post-coitus conversation was awkward but the sex was good. Apart from the good fuck, I liked him because I thought he was cute and was surprisingly smart. The only exchange we had prior to our hook up was about our schedule. Little did I know that hey I’m hooking up with yet another smart guy (my e…