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In the year 2013, I learned that...

When in the eye of the storm, be still. Even if it is unbearable to live try to endure. Don’t look for quick fixes because more often than not the unnecessary things we do in the middle of the storm lead us to more trouble.
Be careful of what you wish for because you might just get it (sabi nga ng Pussycat Dolls). Sometime in the previous year, I half-joked that I would prefer my personal life to go to the dogs as long as my professional life thrives. Seconds after I muttered that silly prayer, my boyfriend broke up with me. In the process, I got a writing gig at a teleserye, got involved in a concert, and had two of my concepts approved (although one has gone kaput even before it started rolling and the other is awaiting confirmation). Am I happy? I always ask myself that. The answer remains elusive.
That each one of us has a different God. Mine is silly, sarcastic and has a terrible sense of humor.
My partners do not define me. They are not the be all and end all of things. I use…

selfie in the morning

It’s the kind of morning where I just want everything to slow down. Wash the dishes first, take out the trash, clean the apartment, the kind where I could sit down in front of the computer with cigarette and coffee and leisurely read articles online. Like the one that an FB friend posted. “BBC Touts its Programming with Poetry” or the one on my feed about David O Russell’s new movie. It’s the kind where I would have preferred the glow of the early sun to slowly sink into my skin, for its warmth to envelop me like a blanket on a cold December morning. But the clock is ticking and I am late for work.