planet of the bullies

So I’m back on Planet Romeo lurking and searching and well hooking up of course. At first I was looking for dates. I was looking for a guy who I could take out, have a few drinks with, share silly conversations and if everything turns out fine and if the chemistry is right sleep with. This time, however, I was not looking for a relationship or anything that would come close to any emotional attachment. I never thought I would be the kind of guy who would say before a date that I’m already down with love but I think that has been my staple line in each meet up. Yes, I’ve become one of those archetypical characters on romcoms who simply refuse to fall in love. But after a few weeks or a month or two I got tired and deleted my account. I was seeing basically the same faces. I even had a big Samantha moment. I got home one morning, logged on and there was this guy who was inviting me to his apartment. Since I was tired, stressed out and lonely I agreed to go to his place. When I got to his apartment I instantly had a major deva ju. It looked awfully familiar. The guy looked familiar as well. It was only when I was inside the room, stripping off my clothes did I realized that yup I’ve actually been here before (and not just in my past life). The bad sex only reminded me further that this is the second time we would be hooking up and I vividly remember telling myself the first time that I would never hook up with him again. Yes, it was that bad. But then since I’m always alone in the apartment and there are times when damn it I just want a release I signed up again. I know that I should delete it permanently and just go without sex for a while and channel my energy and attention to writing. But oh well, I’m now logged on to the site even as I write this.

There are, however, a few things in the site that I’m surprised I didn’t notice before. I’ve encountered a few men who categorically consider themselves as ugly even if they are not that bad looking at all. They would usually begin conversations by apologizing for their appearance, which I think is kind of sad. The pervading culture within this little site has become unhealthy for some gay men. The self-worth of some members has been stripped off to a point that they have become their own worst critics. And I am shocked that what pushed them to get to this point are gay men as well. The site, apparently, is littered with bullies. Okay I know that each of us have our own preferences but must we be Nazis to those who don’t meet our idea of attractiveness? If this small slice of the community is as antagonistic and unforgiving as this then I think we need to not just educate the straight community but more so the gay men who perpetuate their own kind of discrimination. And please, for the longest time, there is nothing wrong with being effeminate.

But other than the bad grammar, the jeje speak, and the perverted and idiotic ideas about love and dating, I am appalled at how some men wave their dicks as if its sheer size will eradicate hunger and war and violence around the world. Take for example this one: “Tikman mo burat ko! Pag nagalingan ako sa’yo, may libre kang romansa! Tawagan mo ako.”* I mean, Ew! Konting kultura naman teh! And you know what it doesn’t mean that if a guy has a cute face and a hot body it would instantly equal to fabulous sex. Chemistry (and no, I don’t mean the kind that you inject to yourself) has a lot to do with having a great time in bed. Guwapo nga eh kung hindi naman masarap kasama, wala rin, right?

I don’t know. I really should delete my account and date Dostoevsky and Tolstoy instead. At least I’m sure that I’ll be dating them for quite a long time. But before I do that I think I’ll first do something with this, um, itch that needs to be scratched err... big time. 

*”Eat my cock and if I like how you suck then I’ll give you a free kiss. Call me (maybe).” Wala lang sinubukan ko lang i-translate. And by the way, hindi nap ala uso ang tanong na: “ASL” no? Once, when someone asked me that I had an urge to type in: Shamcey Supsup, 27, Philippines!


Geosef Garcia said…
Parang sinulat mo lang ang laman ng isip ko. *hahaha!* Parehas tayo ng mga opinyon regarding this shit of a website. Damn. I really hate PR.
Simon said…
True! PR has become a den for people who want sex and has destroyed the sole purpose of the site of making genuine friends which could then lead to a relationship with your own personal romeo. :)

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