Like spending Sundays on the shore...

The horns which softly signal the beginning of this song seem to evoke something epic. The fluttering flute, on the hand, implies something magical. I was honestly floored when I first heard this song sung by the great singer Dulce. Immediately, I saw the world in a long shot. Maybe there’s a hill somewhere and there are silhouettes of two lovers frolicking as the sun sets in the horizon. Oo, ganun lang ka-bakla ang dating sa akin ng kantang ito dahil naalala ko ang ending ng Hihintayin Kita Sa Langit with Richard and Dawn finding heavenly love after spending a hellish time on Earth. Heathcliff and Catherine, Pinoy version.

And I so adored the English translation. How can I not with lines like “If life with you could be... Like spending Sundays on the shore and racing to the sea...” It’s romance by way of old classic Hollywood movies with lovers “chasing the waves” and eventually “falling in a tight embrace.”  Parang mas masaya itong patugtugin sa plaka with scratches and skipping notes and all. I-add mo na ang warm Sunday afternoon and a glass of bourbon and maybe then my world would turn into sepia and I would be able to walk through the past...

“If life with you could be like spending Sundays on the shore and racing to the sea... and chasing waves like children feeling carefree as can be... then falling in a tight embrace... suspended between time and space... then love the Sundays of my whole life through... I’d want to spend them all with you... come spend your life with me! Dahil kaya sa’yo... nang maitadhanang ako’y isilang sa mundo...” 

PS. Mas hard core pala ‘yung kay Dale Adriatico who seems to be channeling Frank Sinatra. I imagine him chewing on a tobacco and downing a hard drink before singing “My love goes on and on and on...”


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