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Isa dalawa tatlo

I stare at the streaks of rain on the glass window. To me, they look like tiny slits on the wrists. Water seems to be the pervading theme of the day. Earlier my (now former) boyfriend sends me a message. He says he is by the beach somewhere in Mindanao. I haven’t been to the beach in years. Then I receive another message, this time from a former colleague inviting me for a swim. I looked outside and saw the gloomy skies. Swimming? In this weather? And where? In Edsa? It must have been just a joke.
Isang bagyo ang kararating lang, sabi kanina sa radio habang papunta ako sa UP. Nakasalumpak ako sa likod ng taxi, iniisip kung ite-text ba ang (ex) boyfriend ko o hindi. Ite-text ko ba siya para sabihin na ang bagyo ay lumapag na sa Aurora at ang klase sa buong kamaynilaan ay nakansela na? Ano nga pala ang pangalan ng bagyo? Juanito? Juanita? Basta, something that starts with a “J.” Tumuloy ang taxi sa Elliptical Road, umikot at kumanan sa Commonwealth. “Manong,” sabi ko sa driver nang …

friday june whatever

Sometimes I’m right but mostly I’m wrong. I don’t know. It depends on the mood kasi eh. I told a friend that there are days when I’m in control and then there are days when I don’t know my head from my ass. This is one of those days. I’m trying to trace back the moment when I became diskaril. It must’ve been right after finishing the script. After that parang my brain just atrophied. Probably because during that time I wasn’t just busy with one thing. I was busy with several things and now that work has somehow become more manageable, my brain naman just packed up and went on vacation. I hope my brain went to some place exotic like Patagonia or something para naman pagbalik niya may something new siya to share. Ha.Ha.