Na-trumpeta ni Tony Trombone

Trombone Shorty

His virtuosity makes me water-water. When Trombone Shorty blows that trumpet, he hits a spot so sweet and so good it’s orgasmic. It’s the equivalent to a soft blow in the ear, a lick in the nipple, and a fuck so fucking intense it feels as if he is taking you to places you have never been to. And that long, looong, loooooong trumpet solo, man, para ka niyang dinala sa ere and you keep waiting and waiting and waiting when he will drop you down. Pretty awesome. And he is good-looking no?

“Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street,” indeed. 

Same Love

I wish this song came out when I was still in the closet. The line “I can’t change even if I tried...” means to me on so many levels. It is definitely not about embracing defeat. It is an act of acceptance. Some of us have things in our lives that we don’t want and that we keep on resisting but in the long run will prove to be vital to our growth as a person. And what the hell, what’s with “Not crying on Sundays”? I used to cry on Sundays. Pero ang theme ko ‘nun “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” 

Blurred lines

Okay I don’t like Miley and I kind of think Robin Thicke looks like a douchebag. O that’s the point all along ba? Maybe it’s my latent heterosexuality (meron nga ba?) but I kind of think sexy si Miley no? The skimpy outfit, the twerking, the skinny bod... somehow I can’t stop watching. Or maybe I just want to be Miley so I can say I was able to bone Liam Hemsworth?

I’m confused Ate.


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