He stands in front of a carousel watching plastic ponies go round and round. They are just like people waltzing, he thought. And suddenly the men in his life started showing up after each turn smiling, coaxing, screaming... A whole multitude of emotions. He watched them with indifference as if he was watching from behind a soundproofed glass. They can’t touch me here, he thought.

On a rickety roller coaster he sits beside his mother. She is eight years old and holding a cotton candy. “Mother,” he asked her. “Aren’t you going to throw your cotton candy before the ride starts?” His mother just smiled at him and continued munching. How is it possible that this girl would grow up to have him?

He sits before a fortune teller and she tells him he only has three questions. Will I be rich? He asked. Possibly. Will I be in love in the very near future? Probably. Will I be happy? It depends. 

The entire carnival shuts off, rides stop in mid-air, bulbs frizzle and give way to darkness. The happy clown, the mermaid and the cute little dwarves turn from adorable faces into horrible monsters.


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