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songs to slash your wrists by

I’m okay killing myself while listening to this song. For pure irony.

just so I can remember this moment in the future

This is what I’m doing after spending five straight days trying to finish a script. After packs and packs of cigarettes, two red bulls, and countless of sleepless hours, I’m drinking gin. At eight in the morning. I’m not even sure if what I’ve written will go into production.
Writing is like getting off. When you finally put that last period, it feels orgasmic. That’s probably why revisions can be emotionally difficult. It feels as if you didn’t deserve to feel good after fucking your brains out.
Anxiety plus cigarettes will equal to BO.
This next glass is for that Red Wedding scene in “Game of Thrones.” It shook me to the core.

Sabi nga ni Rita Gomez sa Salawahan: “Gusto kong tumakbo sa kahabaan ng Session Road ng naka-hubad at magpaputok ng lobo... Pok... Pok... Pokpokpok!”