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beebop and sisi make an indie

Kinalabit ni Beebop ang kanyang girlfriend na busing-busy sa kanyang cellphone.
“Eyow, look Sisi. That man’s weird,” sabi niya.
Bored and a little bit pissed, lumingon si Sisi.
“Stop being so annoying Beep. Can’t you see I’m texting the crew.”
Alas-dose ng tanghali iyon. Alas-diyes pa ang call time pero hindi pa rin nagsisimula ang location hunt. Ang kanilang pakay sa dulo ng Novaliches ay isang rundown house para sa kanilang indie movie.
“Bahala ka. I’m going to check him out.”
The old man in question ay gumagawa ng apoy para pang-luto.
“Hello po,” sabi ni Beebop. “Ano po ang ginagawa ninyo?”
Tumingin sa kanya ang matanda at nagpatuloy ng trabaho.
“Nagsisiga. Pang-luto.”
“Oh cool.”
Sinulyapan lang siya ng matanda at sinimulang ilagay ang kanyang kaldero.
“Is that rice? Rice po ba ‘yan?”
Tumungo lang ang matanda.
“Thanks po.”
Bumalik si Beebop sa kanyang girlfriend.
“This place is amazing,” sabi niya. “I mean, man, probinsyang-probinsya. Look at the grass. Wild and everything. It’s differen…

me on most nights

drunk and dejected

two drinks away from being drunk

what is a mcguffin?

I was supposed to write a story about a historical event told from the point of view of a young kid. He sees a mob, joins the crowd, kibitz a little, and throw stones at the supposed enemy of the state only to find out later that it was Christ that was being apprehended. It’s not an original angle. A few decades ago, I got hold of a brilliant anthology (actually the book was sitting right in our bookshelf collecting dust) that featured a story about a conflicted young man who has just betrayed a revolutionary named Jesus. The anthology introduced me to the word McGuffin. And since I have totally forgotten what it really means (all I could remember is that it is an important box but when you open it there is nothing inside) I’ve copied an explanation from Wiki:  
“It might be aScottishname, taken from a story about two men in a train. One man says "What's that package up there in the baggage rack?", and the other answers, "Oh, that's a McGuffin". The first on…