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Things that I learned from last week...

That hey Paul Shaffer wrote “It’s Raining Men”? Kaloka!
That The Book of Mormon is unbelievably funny! And was co-written by the guy who gave us Avenue Q! Hassa Diga Eebowai!
That following a dozen or so news sites on Twitter will amount to information overload...
That The Face is quite addictive. Naomi Campbell hams it up for the camera and shows us how to be a “lovable” bitch. Yes Coco, check your lipstick before you come and talk to me!
That I actually find Coco Rocha so beautiful and charming. And that she first attracted attention when she danced during a Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show. Yes, that really was a big fashion moment, a Coco Moment.
That’s Voguepedia is actually an interesting read. Want to know who among the top models have the most Vogue cover? They have a tally!
That there are rumors that Alexander Skarsgard is gay... Hmmm...
That Jake Bass is so damn hot... And Dillon Rossi, too!
That Jane Austen said this --- “Seldom, very seldom does complete tr…

twitter porn

It’s almost 3 in the morning. Saturday. I’m a bit drunk. Sinira ko rin ang aking one-week sober streak. I think I’ve been drinking almost every night since the year started. Hm, no, actually, since last year pa yata. So I’m drunk and I just created a twitter account. The main reason? So I could follow porn stars. Yeah, baby, yeah. So I’m back-reading some tweets from Colby Keller, Jake Bass and Dillon Rossi while listening to Celeste Legaspi sing Minsan Ang Minahal Ay Ako. Heavy. Loaded. Nakakabasag pala yun while watching GIFs of two men butt-fucking tapos you hear Ate Celeste sing “Ang yakap mo ay hahanap-hanapin/ Akala ko ang mundo na ay akin/ Ngunit hindi pala ganyan/ Kay bilis makalimutan na minsan ang minahal ay ako.” Someday I’ll put these two together on film. Promise. M2M action with smouldering classic Pinoy songs sung by possible candidates for National Artist. I think I should search for a copy of Susan Sontag’s Notes on Camp.
PS. I’m currently obsessed with The Face. I…

taxi driver

I step into his cab. He says he is lost. I feign interest. I just want to get to the gym as quickly as possible. He keeps on yakking. Then his phone beeps. He reads the message and puts the phone down slowly, looks at the incoming cars. “My sister is dead,” he tells me. I am shocked. "Were you close?" I ask. Yes, they were. There were only three siblings in the family. His father was killed during the Martial Law years. Ambushed, he says, by a political clan that was not able to get his favor. My interest is pique. In movies, people break down when told of death in the family. They start keening, throwing their arms to the sky and cursing the gods. This one just looks at me and tries to be cheerful. “When was the last time you saw her,” I ask. Last December, he says, when she visited their house. Are you going to rush home? No, he will finish his shift and will ride until late the next morning. What they need to do, he tells himself, is to move on.
I then wonder who he is a…

sometimes I give myself the creeps

parang ang dami ko namang ginawa today --- naglaba, naglinis ng bahay (thrice), pinalabas ang mga aso (twice), nagsulat at nag-edit --- pero parang feeling ko wala pa rin akong na-achieve. so i'm trying to do something --- umiinom, kumakain, nakikinig ng loud music --- para lang i could say that i did something. can i have a more satisfying day tomorrow? please? thank you.