I screamed a scream as time went by, sabi nga ni Anthony Lane

I just realized that the routine Wade Robson choreographed for So You Think You Can Dance where he used the theme from Pulp Fiction was a direct homage to Vincent Minnelli’s “The Girl Hunt Ballet” from the musical The Bandwagon. It makes total sense. In The Bandwagon, Minnelli accomplished what seemed to be impossible then, a musical about gangsters. Robson, in doing his own take, used the theme from Pulp Fiction, a gangster movie.

Wala lang. Ang galing di ba? I’m a big fan of So You Think You Can Dance. Watching the show made me realize that a choreographer’s job is not actually to create movements for a particular piece of music. Just like any other artist be it a writer or a composer, a choreographer’s job is to create a series of movements to represent a certain emotion or to tell a human story. Make what is inside us physical or visual.

But then of course I don’t dance so what do I know right?

Speaking of musicales, I think Les Miserables sucked. Big time. The moment Tom Hooper decided to film his actors in tight close-ups was the moment he sold out to the audience. Instead of being moved it made me retch. I guess tama nga si Anthony Lane who wrote that he screamed a scream as time went by. Well, that review made me laugh. And oh maybe I’m the only one but I thought Anne Hathaway’s performance was one of the weakest in the cast. I realized that the collective emotional response to her performance can be credited to her being in the Princess Diaries. Everybody remembers her from that movie. Her entire personality as presented by the media is based on that role (I think): quirky, down-to-earth, and as innocent as a young princess living in bohemian San Francisco. My theory is when people watch Anne slum it out in Les Miz they are basically watching the princess of Genovia down on her luck and being forced into prostitution. By the way, if we love Les Miserables so much maybe we should do our own version set in the mean streets of Tondo or miserable Payatas where the harsh life has killed the dreams of a thousand young girls. But then that would probably not be a hit as it would stop being an escapist movie and would start being a quote and unquote indie film. I dreamed a dream indeed. 


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