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I screamed a scream as time went by, sabi nga ni Anthony Lane

I just realized that the routine Wade Robson choreographed for So You Think You Can Dance where he used the theme from Pulp Fiction was a direct homage to Vincent Minnelli’s “The Girl Hunt Ballet” from the musical The Bandwagon. It makes total sense. In The Bandwagon, Minnelli accomplished what seemed to be impossible then, a musical about gangsters. Robson, in doing his own take, used the theme from Pulp Fiction, a gangster movie.

Wala lang. Ang galing di ba? I’m a big fan of So You Think You Can Dance. Watching the show made me realize that a choreographer’s job is not actually to create movements for a particular piece of music. Just like any other artist be it a writer or a composer, a choreographer’s job is to create a series of movements to represent a certain emotion or to tell a human story. Make what is inside us physical or visual.
But then of course I don’t dance so what do I know right?

Speaking of musicales, I think Les Miserables sucked. Big time. The moment Tom Hoope…

what she would like to do

Everything in her world reminds her of sadness: the smell of bacon crackling over heated oil, the chill in the wind that flows through the windows, her bedroom, her balcony, the sun. She looks at her small apartment and sees memories crammed in every corner, overflowing and overwhelming. She has already spent most of her life running away from these memories but in each new location she finds new ones, new things to mourn. For once she would like to stuff everything in boxes and ship them away. Perhaps, she sometimes thinks, maybe it is she who needs to be shipped. Shut into a box away from all the noise and life and be sent to a place that the past hasn’t touched. How indeed can she uproot something that beats as steadily as her heart?