You know nothing Jon Snow. Nothing!

Maybe I am having a better time that I would care to admit. These last few months have afforded me to read books again. Currently I’m obsessed with Game of Thrones and I’m already reading a Dance with Dragons, the last one before George RR Martin tosses out the final book. The series can sometimes be infuriating, annoying even, frustrating and definitely confusing what with a handful of lords and bastards, gods and dragons crowding his books pero tang-ina George RR Martin is a genius! Sometimes I suspect that he has made a fool out of me, making me love the Starks and then subjecting the beloved characters to different varieties of torture. I, myself, felt emotional when I came across the Red Wedding. The series remind me of The Lord of the Rings but I like this one better. Lord of the Rings showed us how the heart is corrupted by power but in Martin’s books he reminds us that the human heart is already corrupted to begin with. To paraphrase Caufield, Martin is the type of novelist one would love to call up and shoot the breeze with or, at least, look up in the internet.

Si Jon Snow at ang kanyang direwolf na si Ghost

I was cleaning the house earlier when I had this idea. What if the dead just end up in their favourite stories? We die in this world and then show up in our favourite novel? It’s a nice idea noh? Better than hell. For example, I die now and suddenly I’m in the middle of Westeros waiting for Danearys to show up. But then as Ygritte always tell Jon Snow, “You know nothing Jon Snow. Nothing!”


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