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7am. waiting for my dogs to sleep. oh god my dogs are big. and we're all squeezed into a small one-bedroom apartment. the bedroom has since become the dogs' lavatory. pee and poop always litter the room. i sleep outside, just below the study table. sometimes the dogs share my bed when the boyfriend is out working. max alone takes half of the bed. sometimes marcel or chichi try to secure a small space, leaving me on the fringes, inches away from falling into the floor. right now they are pacing around the apartment, barking whenever a door is opened down the hall. they are a noisy bunch but our neighbor once told me that they pretty much keep it down when i'm away. i very much like to sleep now but i'm afraid that if i lie down and close my eyes they will lick my face to smithereens. 

ps. marcel peed on an electric socket two days ago. i woke up to the sound of crackling electricity. filthy sound. made my heart skip a beat. i thought we were all going to die burning.

You know nothing Jon Snow. Nothing!

Maybe I am having a better time that I would care to admit. These last few months have afforded me to read books again. Currently I’m obsessed with Game of Thrones and I’m already reading a Dance with Dragons, the last one before George RR Martin tosses out the final book. The series can sometimes be infuriating, annoying even, frustrating and definitely confusing what with a handful of lords and bastards, gods and dragons crowding his books pero tang-ina George RR Martin is a genius! Sometimes I suspect that he has made a fool out of me, making me love the Starks and then subjecting the beloved characters to different varieties of torture. I, myself, felt emotional when I came across the Red Wedding. The series remind me of The Lord of the Rings but I like this one better. Lord of the Rings showed us how the heart is corrupted by power but in Martin’s books he reminds us that the human heart is already corrupted to begin with. To paraphrase Caufield, Martin is the type of novelist o…