rant of the month

My boyfriend disapproves of everything I do. I’m not exactly excited about my job. I’m a few months behind my rent. I’m getting fat and old. I haven’t read a proper novel in what two years. I haven’t written anything that I could be proud of. My rakets don’t pay me enough. I have dropped off from my masters. I’m 34 or 35 yata I’m not sure and I have yet to do anything that could possibly merit me a book deal from Peguin Books (me ganun). I’m still miles away from making my own film and all I could think now is how I can afford a condo because I seriously want to change my address. Instead of thinking of ways on how I could achieve my goals I work myself to the bone, constantly clean the apartment (because Oprah might come for a visit), and drink myself to death. In the process I have also become seriously misanthropic. I just might kill myself when I’m 40. And, oh, yes, I think I’m going crazy.

As Mackenzie said on “Newsroom,” “I’ve been exhausted since I was 30.” And bow.


Kane said…
You have a boyfriend. You have a job. You have a home. You're 34 (or 35). You've got years ahead of you; time to do things, make changes. Perhaps that is something worth pondering upon.

bwisit! said…
hmmm i guess you're right. i seriously need to re-think my life hahaha

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