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It was a cold rainy night in Hongkong. Greta, covered in a beige overcoat, stepped out of the cinema and ducked into an eatery. Noisy Chinese cooks kept barking orders while all around her diners were hunched over their steaming noodles, slurping heartily. She took out her cigarettes and lighted one. The movie was a mildly entertaining, a Cantonese romcom featuring two of the city’s bankable stars. Greta, however, felt detached as she was watching it. She could hear laughter echo in her head but the delightful sensation that often accompany such exercise was oddly missing. She sat in the counter not exactly knowing what to do or what to think. She sucked on her cig while waving at the harried waiter. Noodles, yes. Cola, no. Just water. Tap water? No, bottled ones. Yes. Good, good. 10 minutes. Yes? And then she was alone again. She thought of dropping by a nearby convenience store before going up to her hotel, before she grapples in front of her laptop to write a succinct review. Perha…

rant of the month

My boyfriend disapproves of everything I do. I’m not exactly excited about my job. I’m a few months behind my rent. I’m getting fat and old. I haven’t read a proper novel in what two years. I haven’t written anything that I could be proud of. My rakets don’t pay me enough. I have dropped off from my masters. I’m 34 or 35 yata I’m not sure and I have yet to do anything that could possibly merit me a book deal from Peguin Books (me ganun). I’m still miles away from making my own film and all I could think now is how I can afford a condo because I seriously want to change my address. Instead of thinking of ways on how I could achieve my goals I work myself to the bone, constantly clean the apartment (because Oprah might come for a visit), and drink myself to death. In the process I have also become seriously misanthropic. I just might kill myself when I’m 40. And, oh, yes, I think I’m going crazy.

As Mackenzie said on “Newsroom,” “I’ve been exhausted since I was 30.” And bow.