run beki run

I just finished a 42 kilometer marathon run. Punyeta, ang haba pala ng Skyway. And would you believe that’s just 10 kilometers long? We ran all the way from Festival Mall, detoured towards Pasay Road, went back again to Magallanes exit, ran towards Buendia (I think. At that point my mind was hazy from pain and frustration) and then went back to Festival Mall again. My knees were such in bad shape that I had to pause every now and then from walking. I could literally feel them vibrating. They were already sending hate messages to my brain. But as someone close to me would say: “Eh ginusto mo yan eh.” I should’ve just hired some neighbourhood thugs to hit my legs with a dos por dos. I would have arrived at the same result.

However, the 42kilometer run afforded me to do some thinking but mostly about why Kenyans always win at local marathon competitions (because the Pinoys are too busy taking pictures of themselves during the run). Basically, I spent half a day torturing myself. We started running at 12 midnight and I crossed the finish line around seven in the morning. And when I arrived home --- groggy from lack of sleep and with my knee caps ready to fall off ---- instead of going straight to bed, I had to fix food for the dogs (they were so happy to see me, how can anyone compete with that!). Sleep didn’t come instantly though. When I was finally able to lie down, my mind was still running but I was no longer thinking about the marathon.


ZaiZai said…
well, at least naka tapos ka ng marathon :) congrats! sana di na masakit ang legs :)
bwisit! said…
oo nga. buti na lang. and i was ready to give up. it has been two days since and my knees are still hurting. but you know what i think i'm going to do it again next year hahaha.

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