sabi ng emoterang beki

After accomplishing one of my four deadlines for the night, I decided to sit in front of the TV and watch the last few minutes of “Eat, Pray, Love,” a movie I detested even before I have seen it. But there I was, trying to search for clues on how I can heal myself in the four corners of the screen. Heal. Yes, heal. We do get wounded by failed relationships no? That came to me pretty late in life. I wish I had my first major heartbreak when I was a teenager. If I could just sweep away the memory of my previous relationship I would. The break-up shook me to the core. And I’m still smarting from it.

I realized that I no longer crave for pleasure. I no longer seek mind-blowing experiences, sensations that paralyze us for a few seconds, pleasures that give us hints of a heavenly after-life. Instead I seek peace. I want to be able to sit in an empty room and not feel the gnawing pain.

-Sometime in the last several months. Ngayon keri-keri na.


Blakrabit said…
Kapatid, bagay sayo tong quote na to.

"I know you (to heartache). You have hurt me almost to death, but still I live. And will go on living"

It's a quote from Robin Hobb's Royal Assassin
bwisit! said…
hey blakrabit, pwede pwede. by the way, i read your most recent entry. kaloka!
Blakrabit said…
kaloka talaga! haha! oh well, that's karma for me. life goes on pa rin naman. happy new year!
bwisit! said…
hahaha owel. oo nga, let's just hope this year will be infinitely better than the last one. happy new year!

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