mababangong panaginip


Two dogs were in flames. They were running around, screaming in pain. I was with my brother and in my hand was a pale of water. I was trying to put out the fire but the dogs kept moving. Later on, when the fire had been put out, I tried wrapping cloth on one of the dog’s burned skin. When I looked up, I saw that the dog was missing a jaw. His muzzle had been sliced off. He looked at me with his flesh exposed, fresh and pulsating.

Then I woke up.


A cat has been possessed by the devil. He jumps from one end of the room to another. At one point, the cat turned into an infant. I took out a samurai and immediately cut both of his arms.


A small elephant hurls itself at me. She snaps at my neck but instead of hurting me I am reduced to giggling. Apparently it is a female elephant and she is procuring me for her baby.


I woke up in the rear seat of a moving car. The interior lights were on but the highway outside was pitch dark. I asked the driver where we were heading. She said she was taking me home but she doesn't know where I live. The driver by the way was a young student with short hair and a colegiala accent. I gave her my address but she doesn't know the place. I tell her the directions but she said that the place doesn't exist anymore. apparently, i woke up in 2025. at first i thought it was cool. this is the first time i dreamed that i was in the future. however, the more i think about it the more i realize how sad it is. i think that my subconscious is telling me to grow up.


Someone was dead and I was assigned to bury the body on a hill behind our backyard. As I was looking for a nice spot, I saw three guys dumping another body. I immediately ran back to the house to inform my brother and we started locking all the doors. This is a recurring theme in my dreams. There is always someone out to get me and I keep trying to run away. There is always an element of fear, of anxiety. In my most recent dream, however, as we locked all the windows and doors, I felt excitement instead. It was like meeting an old friend.

Then I was in a large white room. One of the men that I saw earlier came in and we started having sex. I don't remember his face but he has chiselled abs with hairs crawling all over it. - feb. 6, 2010


Papunta ako sa isang isla kasama ng ilang press people. Kasama ko si MJ at worried siya kasi may diving na gagawin. Naka-simangot siya. Ayaw na ayaw niyang nagsho-shorts eh. Sabi ko keri lang yan teh. Isipin mo na lang, ikaw si Dyesebel.
Maulan sa isla. Tuloy tuloy ang buhos ng ulan. Since hindi naman ako kailangan sa diving activity, inexplore ko na lang ang shore. May nakita akong pet shop. Na-realize ko na ito yung dating mango grove dun sa lugar kung saan ako lumaki. Excited akong pumasok, hoping to find my kababata. Pero wala siya dun. Weird yung pet shop. Walang animals.

Paglabas ko nasa isa akong pier. Metal everywhere. Steel metal. Metal containers etc. Medyo nalungkot ako kasi eto na pala yung dating tinitirhan ko. Wala nap ala akong babalikan. I sat on a bench and took a photograph of the site where our house used to sit. Medyo parang city na ito. Parang mga sulok-sulok lang sa Makati.
Bumalik ako sa barko at may nakita akong isang babaeng naka-gown. Mahaba ang kanyang buhok at naka-hulis itong Christmas tree. Kulay green rin ito. Naaliw ako at kinuhanan ko rin siya ng litrato. Game naman si ate sa pag-pose.

Pagpasok ko sa may lobby ng barko nakasalubong ko si Rustom Padilla. Yes, si Rustom. Hindi na siya si BB Gandang Hari. Rustom circa 90s. He was consoling a woman who was apparently in love with him. “Ok lang yan,” sabi ni Rustom sa babae sabay akbay.
Rustom and the girl walk around the small town. Eventually, Rustom ditches the girl and comes across our floor director. The FD says something to Rustom and now he has to look for a proper outfit. He spots an ukay-ukay and shops for clothes.


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