ano pa ulit yung punchline?

I’ve been trying to give my life a comedic spin. If I can’t pull it together I thought I might as well make fun of it, di ba? But I just get lost more and more. It’s a nice afternoon. The dogs are sleeping. In my mind I am in Quiapo, walking aimlessly looking for something that probably doesn’t even exist. It’s not that I’m lonely. It’s the fact that the loneliness has become more piercing.


Karlie Bradshaw said…
i always say "Loneliness can be unbearable sometimes..."
mario said…
yeah. but it can also be addictive no? - mario
bwisit! said…
hey karlie,

really really appreciate your last message! i needed that! salamat talaga! marami lang talaga akong angas sa buhay hahaha!
Karlie Bradshaw said…
U deserved it. D least i can do is to promote dis blog 2 my friends. Hehe i lyk dat 'angas' factor of ur writing. Hehe
Blakrabit said…
Can you feel loneliness without being lonely?
bwisit! said…
oo nga noh hahahaha! i guess what i'm trying to say is that i may no longer as depressed as before parang every time i do feel lonely parang mas masakit na siya. mga ganung chenes lang.

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