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waste disposal management

Woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. It's MJ. Wants me to accompany him to UP. I would've loved to muni-muni in UP pero yun nga I have deadlines. And I need to finish my deadlines because I already need the money. Money is a big problem these days. Money and, well, some other things. I feel shit today, to be honest. So welcome break sana yung UP pero yun nga I have deadlines to do. I'm repeating myself aren't I? Kaloka. I just woke up and I already feel tired. And lonely. And I have deadlines due this afternoon. Okay, so my other half is already flaring up. Enough with the deadline already! Pero I'm still writing this so kung mapapahaba yung entry e di mas made-delay yung deadline. Kaloka. Can I just laugh? Like laughter yoga? Or like Koala in Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang? I don't know. My neck hurts. At hindi siya stiff neck ha! I think I need to lie down and sleep some more. Maybe it's the gin. I drank the gin in the ref after I arrived home from joggi…

Love according to David Sedaris

“The picture ended at about ten, and afterward we went for coffee at a little place across the street from the Luxembourg Gardens. I was ready to wipe the movie out of my mind, but Hugh was still under its spell. He looked as though his life had not only passed him by but paused along the way to spit in his face. Our coffee arrived, and as he blew his nose into a napkin, I encouraged him to look on the bright side. “Listen,” I said, “we maybe don’t live in wartime London, but in terms of the occasional bomb scare, Paris is pretty close second. We both love bacon and country music, what more could you possibly want?”

What more could he want? It was an incredibly stupid question and when he failed to answer, I was reminded of just how lucky I truly am. Movie characters might chase each other through the fog or race down the stairs of burning buildings, but that’s for beginners. Real love amounts to withholding the truth, even when you’re offered the perfect opportunity to hurt someone’s …