how to wake a sleeping lover

The sun pierces through the curtain, turning the light into a happy yellow. He kneels down before his sleeping lover and looks at him. He touches his eyebrows, carefully tracing where the hair begins and where it ends. He realizes that at certain angles he could see parts of himself on his face. Isn’t that usually the case, he thought, we always find clues and hints of ourselves in our lovers? He softly kisses him on the lips and whispers something in his ear. The lover responds absent-mindedly. He smiles.

He looks at his naked body and admires its slenderness, its softness, the curves that his bent leg makes, and the hollow spaces here and there. Spaces he has already conquered but would and could never own. He wraps his arms around his body and run his fingers across his chest and, because it is already mid-noon, tries to wake him up in the gentlest way possible.


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