exploding head syndrome

Lately, I have been having really bad dreams, nightmares actually. And whenever I’m about to have one I could feel my head throb and swell. Usually I end up being half-awake, conscious that I’m still in a dream but helpless enough not to be able to move my body. A few weeks ago, my boyfriend told me about a dream he had at the apartment where a seemingly malevolent entity kept repeating what I said before we slept. Before we went to bed, I asked the boyfriend if he had taken his medicine and in his dream a woman was violently asking him the same question as if mocking him. A few days later, I would experience the same thing where a man kept echoing what I said earlier. It has gotten worse since then. Last Sunday, while we were taking an afternoon nap, I dreamed that I was looking at a dark screen, pitch dark really, and I was shouting at it, trying to coerce the entity into showing his face. Then I saw a silhouette of a man followed in quick succession by several symbols and faces. At one point, I even saw the ex-boyfriend, his face obscured by a strange graphic. My boyfriend and I thought that it has something to do with the apartment. Ever since I started living alone, the apartment has acquired a strange and depressing vibe. Even my friend Aster noticed it. I’ve been thinking of moving out since I am actually depressed most, if not, all of the time. I could only sleep soundly either when I’m drunk or the boyfriend is sleeping over. But this morning I discovered that it’s not the apartment. Of course, it’s me! I just had the weirdest dream here at the boyfriend’s apartment. After my head throbbed and swelled, I heard a little girl’s voice repeatedly saying “Parang awa ninyo na, maawa kayo sa akin.” She kept on going while I tried to gain full-consciousness. It was quite creepy obviously. When I woke up, I went online and found this:

Exploding head syndrome is a mysterious medical condition that causes the sufferer to occasionally experience a loud noise as if from within his/her own head. It is usually described as an explosion, roar or a ringing noise...

The cause of Exploding Head Syndrome is unknown and can be confused with headaches. Parents with children suffering from the condition may confuse it with a nightmare or other trauma… Some physicians have reported its correlation with stress, anxiety, and extreme fatigue.

Interesting, really. I may have the curious case of the Exploding Head Syndrome. However, I still can’t get the girl’s pleading voice out of my fucking head.


Karlie Bradshaw said…
Or maybe you're haunted! Insidious! hehe
Karlie Bradshaw said…
Or maybe you're haunted? Insidious! hehe
Anonymous said…
hmmm.. i didn't know there's such a thing as the exploding head syndrome..thanks for sharing this.
bwisit! said…
@ karlie, hahaha buti na lang hindi ko pinanood yung insidious. i live alone so i usually veer away from horror movies.

pero apparently, according to the boyfriend, there is actually a ghost in their building. a little girl who is always pleading. kalowka!

@iam4everwicked, i know right? hmmm... but after much thought, what i may have experienced was something more similar to sleep paralysis.
Anonymous said…
Lagot may multo sa apartment mo. mhahahaha. It must be the 'extreme stress."
Blakrabit said…
WTF?! Pwede nang plot sa isang horror movie! Gay man haunted by his ex-bf's bad vibes!
bwisit! said…
wag naman multo. nakaka-stress rin yun. although the boyfriend put an all-seeing eye on my door. not sure what it is called. and he did something which actually made the bad vibes go away.

but yes blakrabit, it might just be my ex-bf's bad vibes! hahahaha!

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