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Because I realized I needed something to inspire me on a daily basis, I took out some of the pictures I’ve taken and photos that I had somehow collected all these years and pasted them on my wall. Dito makikita ang litrato ng aking ama, ni ex-boyfriend, litrato ko, mga samu’t saring invitations, postcards at posters na for some reason hindi ko itinapon.


My first and only tape recorder. It’s a relic compared to the mp3 recorders that print writers use these days. But this one has served me well. I’ve interviewed artists, filmmakers, interior designers, wine makers, musicians, composers, opera singers, ballet dancers and some shitty public servants using this recorder. I still use it although now when I playback the interview it always sounds as if I’m interviewing Mickey Mouse.


Because I needed to keep track of my schedule and deadlines, I have begun listing them on a white board. Kasama na rin ang utang para hindi makalimutan. Of course I get the greatest pleasure whenever I erase one from the list.

Sa left makikita ang publicity still ng isang Chinese gay film (Lan Yu yata ito) at sa taas naman litrato ko nuong ako’y mataba pa. Sa isang litrato makikitang ini-interview ko si Lav Diaz. Ang tanong ko lang sa kanya: Do you think art can foster peace? Naaalala ko it was a long but very interesting interview.


Medal from my first fun run. I know everybody had a medal so what’s the use. I felt dorky wearing the medal around the field after the run. The experience was fun though that eventually we got hooked on running.

Ang litrato ng hubad na lalaking may camera ay galling sa kauna-unahang gay film festival sa Manila. It was in Glorietta, back at the time when there was a cinema (pretentiously) called Art Film. Duon rin ang kauna-unahang trabaho ko. Alam kong bading na ako nun pero hindi pa ako naga-out. It helped that I was surrounded by gay people and that I was watching gay films almost every day.


Feng-shui compass given by a, well, feng-shui expert. Minsan ko na ring sinubukang maging feng-shui friendly ang apartment pero dahil hindi naman ako eksperto sa paggamit ng compass natakot ako na baka si Lotus Feet ang matawag ko imbes na swerte.


Pipe from Sagada, a piece of a keychain from Thailand. I never knew how to make a paper pipe so I always end up falling for cute guys who do. My ex-boyfriend’s friend lives and works in Thailand and whenever she would come home to Manila she would always crash at our place. It was she who gave me the keychain. I think I should give her a visit one of these days.


A piece of an earphone. I was on the train going home and I think I received a text message from my ex-boyfriend that seriously ticked me off. I was in the middle of a busy, busy workweek and suddenly I just blew it. I was so angry, at myself, at my life, at my ex-boyfriend that when I couldn’t untangle the earphone I just pulled it until it was torn apart. The other earpiece fell on the station and when a lady saw it on the floor she called my attention. As a thank you, I just gave a go-fuck-yourself-mind-your-fucking-business look.

When I saw this earphone today I was suddenly reminded of Van Gogh’s ear. Not that I’m implying anything.


Blakrabit said…
"Everything you shared will just become fragmented memories. From so long ago, you'll question if it even really happened all that will be left are random stuffs from a period of time where that stranger was the most important person in your life." -Strangers, again

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