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my life in bits and pieces


Because I realized I needed something to inspire me on a daily basis, I took out some of the pictures I’ve taken and photos that I had somehow collected all these years and pasted them on my wall. Dito makikita ang litrato ng aking ama, ni ex-boyfriend, litrato ko, mga samu’t saring invitations, postcards at posters na for some reason hindi ko itinapon.


My first and only tape recorder. It’s a relic compared to the mp3 recorders that print writers use these days. But this one has served me well. I’ve interviewed artists, filmmakers, interior designers, wine makers, musicians, composers, opera singers, ballet dancers and some shitty public servants using this recorder. I still use it although now when I playback the interview it always sounds as if I’m interviewing Mickey Mouse.


Because I needed to keep track of my schedule and deadlines, I have begun listing them on a white board. Kasama na rin ang utang para hindi makalimutan. Of course I get the greatest pleasure whenever I er…


Well, it’s official. My five year relationship is over. It has been over for almost two weeks now but it was just this morning that he finally packed his bag and left our apartment. The very same apartment where we ate, slept, and fucked for almost four years.

But yes I was the one who broke up with him. I broke up with him because I realized that in the last three years we were together I have begun to hate him. He knows why I hate him.

But yes he did take very good care of me. He cleaned my apartment, prepared my meals, gave me massages every night, took care of my dog and perhaps even loved me. I don’t know. I’m just trying to be fair. I did love the guy. In fact, I was hoping that he would still stay here at the apartment but then last night I got drunk and thinking that since we had broken up a week before it would be okay to bring home a guy.

Well, surprise!

As soon as he left, the first thing I noticed was the pervading silence that seemed to have enveloped the apartment. I tur…

Bluer than blue

Okay, I should be working now. I have at least two deadlines due tomorrow --- no, later today. It’s already five in the morning. I’ve downed two cups of brewed coffee, finished at least a pack of Marlboro Black, fucked two guys (joke!), and still I couldn’t get any work done. I don’t know. Lately I’m all about living in tra-la-la land. So instead of starting on my deadlines, I am in front of the laptop cam doing a Stevie Wonder impersonation. I know I’m going to regret this in the morning (because it’s so disgustingly idiotic and narcissistic and I'm 32 years old for crying out loud. I shouldn't be spending too much time on the net. I should be, like, I don't know, outside trying to save the dolphins or running for peace or anything that will make this world liveable).

But what hell, just for one night no?

Tiyo Packs and his super duper friends

Tiyo Packs, may problema. Ang bulkan mukhang sasabog ulit. Kailangan ng tulong natin!
Ah, ganun ba?

Napakunot ng ulo si Tiyo Pack. “Tang-ina naman o,” pagmumura niya sa sarili. Hate na hate niya ito kahit kakaiba ang high na nadarama niya tuwing nakakatulong siya. “O diyos ko, kelan ba matatapos ang paghihirap kong ito!” patuloy na pagrereklamo niya.
Tumingin tingin siya sa kanyang paligid. Nasa isang sosyalerang café siya sa isang four star hotel sa Makati. “Tang-ina talaga!” sigaw niya. Mabilis niya nilabas ang kanyang portable player at sinalang ang isang mala-gintong CD. Insert lens flare effect. Isang masayang beat ang biglang umistorbo sa tahimik na café.

“A la tuhuelpa legria macarena
Que tuhuelce paralla legria cosabuena
A la tuhuelpa legria macarena Eeeh, macarena
A-Hai 2x"

“You like this huh?” sabi ni Tiyo Packs sa mga tao habang gumigiling giling. “You like this?”

Natulala ang mga nasa café sa kahihiyang pinaggagawa ni Tiyo Packs. Dancing the Macarena? In the middle of t…