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chichi is pure love

At first I thought it was cute. We were running side by side. I was speeding up but she stayed beside me, gaining speed as well. Her tongue was sticking out of her muzzle. Her cute little ears were pointing backwards and her tail was wagging in the air. And every time she wandered away from me all I had to do was call her name and she would be with me again. And yes I thought: Look at us sweetie, aren’t we cute? An athletic (athletic daw o!) gay guy and his beloved dog out for a run, isn’t the idea cute? If I saw us I’d turn to Cassandra and say: Cassie, look at that cute guy with an unruly beard and his equally cute dog, aren’t they cute? I’d do him in a heartbeat.

Kalurkei ang thought right?

But then Chichi saw another dog and ran after him. Instantly thoughts of cuteness were erased from my mind as I sprinted across the oval in pursuit of them. As I ran after Chichi who was running after another dog I was reminded of a romcom from the famous ‘90s. Kulang na lang tumawag sa akin si …