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my life as an oscar speech

I wish my life was like an Oscar acceptance speech delivered by Colin Firth or Tom Stoppard, a speech peppered with self-deprecation, funny in some parts and earnest in others but ultimately moving, eloquent, and more importantly momentous.

Marcel the dog

Marcel has always been a finicky eater. He calls him Marcel, after Marcel Proust who after sniffing bread sat down and wrote a terribly long novel. Marcel — not the French writer, but his dog, has a pretty good memory. Sometimes he would watch him run around the house retrieving toys he, himself, had forgotten buying. Whenever they visit his mother’s house, he would watch in amusement as Marcel pranced around the garden, knowing exactly where to go. He has done research on this, about the memories of dogs. He read in some online journal that dogs actually don’t remember anything. But once they smell their owner or hear their voice, the memory suddenly comes alive. They suddenly remember. How poetic, he thought. He thought of love.

He got Marcel at a low point in his life. Before he arrived, he voraciously read books on dogs. He knew for example that puppies should be put on a crate, that no matter how piercing their cries were the owner should leave them there. During Marcel’s first …

Shoot and roll

Kung minsan kapag ang tagal ng shoot tapos uwing-uwi na ako nagkakaroon ako ng existential crisis. Bakit pa nga naman kakaririn ang paggawa ng isang imaginary world kung ang totoong buhay naman natin ay one big mess? Bakit pa iisipin kung tama ang linya, perfect ang make-up at moving ang acting eh pag-step out ko naman ng set chaos rin ang sasalubong sa akin? At dun wala nang take-two take-two.

Sometimes I find it absurd.

Pero in hindsight perhaps that’s the reason we create to at least have some semblance of control over our ever messy lives.

But really what I just want to say with this page-emoemohan post is that I actually had fun shooting with film last Saturday. Part kasi ng requirement namin sa class ay gumawa ng isang short at lahat kami pinaghati-hatian ang mga sequences. Iba pala pag film na ang gamit mo. Dahil alam mong mahal ito at hindi pinupulot lang kung saan saan ang mga rolyo bago ka pa mag-take ilang ulit mong ire-rehearse ang mga artista. At pag sumilip ka na sa view…