Piolo, I dreamed of you last night. Did you dream of me too?

Jan. 4, 2011
Dream sequence

I was following Piolo Pascual around. The reason is unclear. I’m not sure if I was interviewing him for a magazine or I was just kibitzing. I was walking around in a commercial district when I saw him. He recognized me and then there I was following him around. We were in Cubao X or someplace similar.

Suddenly we had to attend a film awards and I had nothing to wear. Piolo offers to lend me some of his clothes so we go to a changing room. Piolo tells his assistant to find me something to wear. I should note that he was not at all warm --- he was aloof and guarded. A stylist joins us. She was accompanying Piolo to the event. Piolo tells her that I needed an outfit. She half-heartedly picks one for me. She also picks out a necklace with a huge blue brooch in the middle. This will look good on you, she said. I put it on and I look ridiculous. I would take it off when they weren’t looking. The assistant gives me another outfit, which I finally wear. It was a white top made in something like pina. She tells me it’s expensive. I ask her how much it costs. Eight thousand, she says and I thought keribelles lang. I don’t have to worry about spilling something on it.

I was finally in the event with Michael who apparently wrote the script. Now, it’s no longer a film awards but a beauty contest. The announcer introduces the girls and ends with the phrase “umagang kay ganda,” which I found a bit silly but fabulous nonetheless. Michael is giddy with delight. He loves beaucons. Our boss joins us and explains why the phrase “umagang kay ganda” works.

Now there is a young girl in a hideous cheap gown coming out of a chapel or a function room. I’m not exactly her but I see everything from her point of view. She buys fishballs and proceeds to the car to eat it. She’s trying not to spill on the dress but somehow I knew it was inevitable. She was going to spill something on it and get upset. A distraught friend joins her.

The friend then turns into Jen and we were somewhere along Elliptical Road hailing a cab. We were with my brother. Jen is seriously upset. She doesn’t tell me why but there is a grave look on her face. I invite her for a drink and she agrees. We were in a jeepney and a passenger climbs in. It is Tonio. Finally we decide to drink somewhere in North Edsa so we change rides. We go to a sorry-looking bus terminal and climb into a mini-bus. Jen sits behind me and chats with the other passengers who turn out to be her friends. In front of me was Juliet, a classmate from college. We chat briefly and she mentions that one of our classmates is now in the US working for a Japanese animation company, which was surprising because she never had any interest in animation.

Now, Jen is talking non-stop about her former boyfriend. She is, as usual, upset about their relationship. We were in Edsa walking towards SM North. She tells me that her ex-boyfriend now earns big bucks, bigger in fact than a doctor’s but still he treats her with hostility. As we were about to cross the highway, a huge rally comes in along with a few cute foreigners. There was something ridiculous about their outfits but I no longer remember what they looked like.

I woke up with Chichi sleeping beside me. It was a fitful night for me. I would wake up every few hours or so for no reason at all.


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