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Get crazy with the CheezeWhiz

Because I can’t seem to wrap my brain around the article I’m currently writing (about a cute artist whose work I’m actually interested in), I started downloading songs from the ‘90s. Beck. Crash Test Dummies. Stone Temple Pilots. Barenaked Ladies. Tori Amos. Sleeps With Butterflies actually sends me back to a time when Manila was wet and cold and I’m in love and filled with longing.

But yes, yes, I know what about REM, Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam? They have been on rotation ever since I started bringing a walkman around that they no longer evoke nostalgia and I’m all about nostalgia tonight. I realized that if it’s still the 90s I’d fit right in because the 90s was all about angst and alienation. Part of the pleasure of buying cassettes and CDs then was reading the sleeves and basking in the coolness of my favorite bands. I even treated the lyrics as poetry, something to decipher and relish. I’d lose sleep trying to figure out what the fuck does Beck mean when he sings:

“You can’t…

Haggard much?

I could feel my eyes popping out. For the last several days I’ve been working all night just to beat my deadlines. It took me almost three days to transcribe, write and edit an article and another two days to finish a script. Ang bagal ko na teh. Well, to be honest mabagal ako kasi I spend most of the time chatting on Planet Romeo. Kamusta naman di ba? Di talaga ako matatapos nun. Kasi naman guys, stop messaging na! Echos. Arte lang.

Technique ko kasi yun para mas makapag-concentrate (weh? I-justify pa ba). No, seriously, I couldn’t focus on what I’m writing if I’m, um, trying to focus solely on the article alone. Ang labo noh. Pero antidote ko yun sa katamaran. E di kapag inutugan, mag-sulat ka na. Buhay na ang dugo eh. Kasi mga kids, ang pagsusulat kailangan parating may libog (wahaha!).

Hanep sa lecture, right? Kanina nga, para lang matapos na ako sa isang AVP script hinostage ko na ang mga bossing at tinapos ko na mismo sa harapan nila. Para wala nang balikan. Move on na.


Piolo, I dreamed of you last night. Did you dream of me too?

Jan. 4, 2011
Dream sequence

I was following Piolo Pascual around. The reason is unclear. I’m not sure if I was interviewing him for a magazine or I was just kibitzing. I was walking around in a commercial district when I saw him. He recognized me and then there I was following him around. We were in Cubao X or someplace similar.

Suddenly we had to attend a film awards and I had nothing to wear. Piolo offers to lend me some of his clothes so we go to a changing room. Piolo tells his assistant to find me something to wear. I should note that he was not at all warm --- he was aloof and guarded. A stylist joins us. She was accompanying Piolo to the event. Piolo tells her that I needed an outfit. She half-heartedly picks one for me. She also picks out a necklace with a huge blue brooch in the middle. This will look good on you, she said. I put it on and I look ridiculous. I would take it off when they weren’t looking. The assistant gives me another outfit, which I finally wear. …