Saved by Lady Gaga

1pm. Was woken up by Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. I don’t know if the speakers were so loud that it woke me up or my booty just couldn’t help but dance to the song (Ay caramba… you know I love you I love your romance… Wehehehe!). As I sashayed out of the bedroom I remembered the dream that I just had. No, actually it wasn’t just a regular dream it was a nightmare. I was back at work and our taping was about to start and I haven’t written the script yet. Everyone is already on the set --- the hosts and guests --- and our executive producer is nagging me to hurry up. Only I can’t seem to write even a simple sentence because I’m way too fucked-up to write anything. I kept thinking: This used to be easy what the fuck happened? Then I woke up and realized it was just a dream. Yes, I actually told myself to calm down and let it go because it’s only a dream. But then I dozed off and there I was again in the middle of a taping still with no script in hand. If it wasn’t for Lady Gaga I would still be in dreamland trying to write the script that refuses to be written.

Obviously this has something to do with my impending deadlines. Out of the five things that I should have accomplished during the break, I’m still on the first one.

5pm. Our neighbors seem to have all of their stereos on full blast. Even if we’re on the fourth floor, it feels like I’m sitting beside the speaker. Chichi paces around the house, evidently perturbed with all the noise. I’m watching Mxy, even the TV is loud. I go online and read the predictions. My horoscope says I’ll be so busy next year I might die from exhaustion. Good, hope it actually comes true. I need to be busy.

8pm. Having my first real meal of the day. Starting at this hour the gorging begins diet be damned. The boyfriend and my mother are preparing food in the kitchen. I’m trying to learn how to use Adobe Premiere. Trying is the operative word. Apparently I don’t have the patience. I always thought that video editing is a man’s job, sort of like cinematography and graphic design. I mean, I rarely meet a cameraman or an editor who is proudly gay. Although some put out daw after a few bottles of beer or so some gay friends say.

9.36pm. Watching Hangover. Four men take on Las Vegas. After a night of heavy partying they wake up with no clue as to what transpired in the last 24 hours. Now they go around Vegas looking for their missing friend. Yeah, it’s Dude Where’s My Car part deux. Is this a guy fantasy? Being so drugged and drunk that they no longer remember what happened the night before? As in “Shit, pare last night was a blast. If only I knew what actually happened.” And his dude pare friend would say: “Shit, pare dude mhen you had a six-inch cock right up in your ass and you liked it. No, pare, you loved it! Mhen you were moaning. You were moaning real good.” And then the guy would ask: “Mhen, pare, shit no wonder my ass is hurting. Who was it pare?” And his friend would say: “Mehn, pare, forgive me but it was me, pare.” And then there would be an awkward silence until one of them accidentally brushes his arm on his friend’s ass and instantly they would be on the floor doing it again rabbit style.

Sorry, I got carried away. I’m not exactly into the movie. I’m more of a Sex and the City type of gal. I’m just waiting for Star Trek to come on.

11:45pm. The putukan starts. It’s annoying. Friends start to send text messages. I was surprised that some text messages came from people I haven’t seen in a long time. Now, smoke starts to creep inside the house. On TV, a newscaster is egging the people to countdown with them. Fuck you, I say. It’s Chichi’s first New Year and quite fittingly she’s sulking.

12.36am. Great it’s already 2011. Now, I have to really buckle up and finish my deadlines. But 2010 was so good to me…Went back to school to take my MA, was able to travel blah-blah-blah. But of course for me the most significant moment of 2010 was when I finally got Chichi. The first time we met she immediately went to the bushes and defecated. Since then I’ve been having a grand time cleaning her shit. God bless her cute puppy soul.

4.15am. Still not done editing my project. Holy fucking shit!


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