Defying gravity

It’s only 8:30 and our concerned and thoughtful neighbors are already playing their 2010 greatest hits collection. They are such lovely neighbors no? I think they’ll serenade us till dawn, you know, so we wouldn’t feel so blue. I just know that Chichi will have a heart attack once the putukan starts later this evening. Poor Chichi. Hope I’m not too drunk later so I could videotape him going berserk. Just kidding.

I’m trying to get drunk before midnight. Why? Wala lang bakit ba? I’m inside my room drinking gin and coke and munching on pizza while downloading some songs and blogging. Multi-tasking ito teh! And so Mark Zuckerberg, right? By the way, have you read Time Magazine’s article on him? Mark is obsessed daw of eliminating anonymity on the net. No, that’s the wrong perception pala of people. All that Mark wants is to bring people closer. Yeah, like Planet Romeo. In fact, after reading the issue, which was great by the way (I actually understood what Wikileaks is all about), I thought of picking out a Person of the Year for this blog. I already thought of an intro: “For his ability to influence nobody but himself and perhaps his dog (although arguably his dog is more influential than him because when she barks, he takes notes) and his illuminating discovery that there is no such thing as hitting rock bottom but there is a great abyss of infinite darkness, may I present this blog’s Person of the Year, the self-avowed patron saint of losers and the libidinous weirdos… Me!

Surprised? Of course not. But please forgive me for the lack of accompanying portrait. Busy pa daw si Annie Leibovitz. Echos.

Two years ago, my song of the year was Avenue Q’s “It Sucks to be Me.” It was literally my song of the year because I actually listened to it from January to December. By December naintindihan ko na ang lyrics and I thought: I don’t suck. I’m straight. Echos part deux. This year, I think it was the Beach Boy’s “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” only because I had no time to download some songs. I remember listening to it on a cold January evening while struggling to… Oh who cares? What is more interesting is next year’s song of the year, right? Despite Globe Tattoo’s impressively glacial speed, I was able to download it. It’s none other than… Wicked’s Defying Gravity!

Ang bago ng kanta no? This is in preparation for my 2011, which is bleaker than our chance of winning gold in the Winter Olympics. Bleak as in snowstorm get it? Get it? Ang labo no?

Hoy Rik, hand me my pointy hat and broom and cue the spotlight!

“Something has changed within me… Too late to go back to sleep! It’s time to trust my instincts… A time to try to defy gravity… I think I’ll trrryyyyy defyyyyyyying graaaaaaaviiiiiteeey!”

Wide shot direk!

“Until I deffffy graaaaaviiiity! Grrrrrrravvvvvity! Grrraaaaaviiiity! Grrraaaaaabeeee! Grrrrraaaaaviiiiiitey! Flyyyyy! Flyyyyyy! Flaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!”


That’s me trying to defy gravity. Note to self: Don’t mess with Newton’s Law of Gravity. And with that I bid everyone a Happy New Year… este Merry Christmas palang pala.

And bow.


ZaiZai said…
merry christmas mario! :)
bwisit! said…
merry christmas zai! hope you had fun last night!

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