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Saved by Lady Gaga

1pm. Was woken up by Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. I don’t know if the speakers were so loud that it woke me up or my booty just couldn’t help but dance to the song (Ay caramba… you know I love you I love your romance… Wehehehe!). As I sashayed out of the bedroom I remembered the dream that I just had. No, actually it wasn’t just a regular dream it was a nightmare. I was back at work and our taping was about to start and I haven’t written the script yet. Everyone is already on the set --- the hosts and guests --- and our executive producer is nagging me to hurry up. Only I can’t seem to write even a simple sentence because I’m way too fucked-up to write anything. I kept thinking: This used to be easy what the fuck happened? Then I woke up and realized it was just a dream. Yes, I actually told myself to calm down and let it go because it’s only a dream. But then I dozed off and there I was again in the middle of a taping still with no script in hand. If it wasn’t for Lady Gaga I would still…

Defying gravity

It’s only 8:30 and our concerned and thoughtful neighbors are already playing their 2010 greatest hits collection. They are such lovely neighbors no? I think they’ll serenade us till dawn, you know, so we wouldn’t feel so blue. I just know that Chichi will have a heart attack once the putukan starts later this evening. Poor Chichi. Hope I’m not too drunk later so I could videotape him going berserk. Just kidding.

I’m trying to get drunk before midnight. Why? Wala lang bakit ba? I’m inside my room drinking gin and coke and munching on pizza while downloading some songs and blogging. Multi-tasking ito teh! And so Mark Zuckerberg, right? By the way, have you read Time Magazine’s article on him? Mark is obsessed daw of eliminating anonymity on the net. No, that’s the wrong perception pala of people. All that Mark wants is to bring people closer. Yeah, like Planet Romeo. In fact, after reading the issue, which was great by the way (I actually understood what Wikileaks is all about), I thou…


My longish entry to a somewhat longish trip


Was it a Wednesday or a Tuesday? I can’t seem to remember. All I know is that the day after our Laguna trip I was picking Robert up in Tomas Morato to go to Sagada. We’ve been talking about it for weeks but to be honest I wasn’t taking it seriously. I sort of kept hoping that it wouldn’t push through since I already planned on using the money I have saved on my tuition. But what the hell, I haven’t been on a trip for years so there we were, Robert, the boyfriend and I, braving a very busy night. It’s Holy Week and apparently everybody is fleeing the city.

“Do you think we’d get tickets?” Robert asked me.

Sure, I said, I mean, how many Manila residents are actually thinking of going to Sagada on Holy Week? If we were going to Boracay or Puerto Gallera I’d be worried. But of course I’m stupid so what do I know. When we arrived at the station there were already a dozen stranded passengers waiting to get seats. By this time, Robert’s frien…