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So my netbook finally bogged down just when my taping days are coming up. Since I have a few deadlines for tomorrow, I went out to write my scripts in an Internet cafe. But just when I was almost done, the PC that I was using started bogging down as well. Oh god. Am I such a bad writer that the PCs of the world are preventing me from producing any atrocity? Parang kaninang umaga lang yan eh. After I had spent all my money, I went out to check on my ATM if the office has already issued our paycheck only to realize that payday is still a day away. Oh, since we’re on the subject of cosmic malas the cab driver that the universe sent me earlier was so horrifyingly uncouth that he almost ruined my night. As revenge, I asked for my P15 sukli and, mind you I never ask for my change. By the way, when I came home I noticed that my dog has been spending too much time with the boyfriend, prompting me to have serious doubts about my relationship with my… dog. Doubts, as in, if she still loves me. …