Tweet… Tweet… Tweet…

Today is a Friday. “My cat is trying to make out with me,” tweeted Susan Orlean from New York. “If It puts you down… trash it,” said Ricky Martin (or in his native tongue “si no te hace bien [en la vida]… pa’la basura”). Neil Gaiman, on the other hand, announced that he loves “bad old dinosaur theme parks.” All these while Carlos Celdran tweets from Manila, once again courting controversy by tweeting: “there is scandal in the churches of Intramuros, a revolution in the minds of the people and a Galleon…”

Yesterday, before I went to work, I typed in that I’m “always looking for my next obsession.” This Twitter thing is definitely a curious thing.


Manech said…
It is, isn't it?

I especially like their new lay-out, btw. There's also the link to colourlovers, which makes customizing your page all the more heavenly. :)

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