thefacebook update

As the opening credits of The Social Network flashed on screen, Rochelle and I immediately spotted a familiar name.

"Buhay pa si Trent Reznor," I told Rochelle.

"Wow, kilala mo si Trent Reznor."

Owel, there goes our age.

I seriously loved The Social Network. Lately, I've been loving David Fincher's work although Benjamin Button bored me to bits (it felt like a prestige project, I much prefer Zodiac). It also helped that I already had a huge crush on Jesse Eisenberg ever since I saw him in Adventureland, which I thought was a hell lot better than 500 Days of Summer (I thought that movie was phony though I fell madly in love with Joseph Gordon Levitt --- I know I prefer my men skinny and a bit nerdy). Right after the movie, I immediately googled Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker and boy they should both send the casting director gifts because they sure don't look like Jesse and Justin. I assume that Justin was cast because the character should have effortless charm but Justin wasn't able to convey the darkness that lurks behind the cute smile. Fincher even had to use lights and shadows just to punch that out.

"But where's Radiohead?" I asked Rochelle.

"That's just for the trailer (dumbass)!"

Back in the day, I used to listen to Radiohead on my walkman. Yes, walkman. My bag would be filled with cassettes (CDs if I was lugging my portable CD player, which would skip a beat everytime the cab drove over a hump or a pothole).

As we walked home, Rochelle posed a serious question: The Social Network or Inception? The shot of Mark clicking on the refresh button anxiously waiting to be accepted by his former girlfriend or the spinning top on the table?

Hmmm... Tough one.


Just to be able to make it on time, I had to squeeze myself to an already jampacked train. The heat and the crowd made my head spin. I thought I was going to have a meltdown. After two stations, I found myself sandwiched between two men. I quickly sent a text message to Rochelle: "Lola, I think I'm being sodomized by the man behind me." Because something hard kept poking at my ass. Apparently, she was having a similar experience. "I think I'm pregnant," she replied. Indeed, it was ride worthy of a Facebook update.


siratalaga said…
Agreed. Zodiac > Benjamin Button, way way better. Which reminds me of my long standing plan to watch it again.

Re Jesse Eisenberg: I fell in love with him after watching The Squid and the Whale and I've been keeping tabs on him since then. Glad to see him propelled to the A-list due to the social network.
bwisit! said…
hmmm wasn't able to see the squid and the whale. nandun pala siya at based from your comment cutie na siya dun hahaha...

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