Something from the book I'm currently trying to read

"One single moment comes closest to summing up my friendship with Juno. It's the moment I've experienced many times since, but the first instance I was aware of took place on those cliffs on the west side of the Hudson River. We'd been hiking strenuously and were taking a rest. We were sitting on a rock, looking out over the river toward Yonkers. It was a perfect sping day, brilliant sky, new leaves and grasses, fragnant breezes. We felt good.

After a while, I began to realize that the dog and I were sharing a thought. It wasn't anything special or complicated --- it was something a man could think and a dog could think. It was something like... 'Ahhh!'"

- pg 101

Uncle Boris in the Yukon
and Other Shaggy Dog Stories

Daniel Pinkwater

How I wish magka-moment rin kami ni Chichi...


Fickle Cattle said…
Awww, that was so sweet. I'm sure you and your dog would have that moment soon. :-)
bwisit! said…
hahaha yup i sure hope so...

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