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What I've learned on my way to Tralala land

Wait. Hold on a minute. I think I'm on the verge of a breakdown. I keep joking to myself that this is the right time to have a breakdown since I only have a few things to do but now that I could feel it coming I'm scared. Really scared. It's like flying a hopelessly crashing plane. It feels inevitable. I need to hold on to something. I need to focus. I need to fight this. I shouldn't take this sitting down.

I exactly know when this started. Two weeks ago, I experienced probably my most stressful week of the year. Everyday I was struggling to beat my deadlines. One morning, for example, had me securing an equipment for a film class while I was trying to book an interview for my MA subject. I was also looking for an interviewee for my magazine article and coordinating with our sp and researcher for two of the three episodes that I would write for that week. And yes, that was just my morning activities. To top it all, my Thursday had me jumping from one show to another in…