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Remember in Pulp Fiction when after a fun night of dancing and hamburgers and milkshakes John and Uma go home to get stoned out of their wits. John puts on some music and goes out to pee while Uma snorts more coke and blood starts dripping out of her nostrils. John then finds Uma ODing on the sofa only she couldn't OD because he would be in deep shit if she dies on him so he rushes her to his friend, a dope dealer, and smashes the small figurines on the lawn with his car. Eric Stolz comes out of his house cursing in his bathrobe and in comes John with Uma dead in his arms. They drag her into the living room and all three of them, including Eric's hysterical wife, are cursing and shouting because they don't know what to do. Eric says that the only way to revive her is to shoot adrenaline right into her heart but nobody wants to do it and they are running out of time. So John gets a red marker and draws a circle right in the middle of Uma's rib cage and stabs her with th…