ang bilog na hugis itlog (hindi ang itlog na hugis bilog)

“Kamusta naman ang pagboto?” text ni Rochelle sa akin.

Oh, it was peaceful and hassle-free, I said. In fact, I feel very much energized.

Of course, I didn’t vote. I was at home sleeping, dreaming of something. There are a lot of things that I don’t do as a Filipino citizen. In fact, there are a lot of things that I don’t do as a human being.

“Di ka ba boboto?” reply niya.

“Nakaboto na ako,” sabi ko, “sa impyerno!”

Cue: Thunder and evil laughter.

I was supposed to vote during the last election but when I got to the precinct I wasn’t on the list. I wish I had the inclination to vote but lately I’ve been extra angry at the human race.

Then MJ sent a text message, asking me if I’ve seen ABS-CBN’s hologram so I turn on the TV. Bongga lang talaga. Like a poor man’s CNN. Then Ces Drilon came on asking an old man if he has voted already. The man says he’s been waiting for hours now. “But don’t you get preferential treatment being a senior citizen?” Ces asks. “Hindi pa po ako senior citizen,” reply ng mama. Awkward laughter from Ces. Kawawa naman, kanina pa nagaantay, napagkamalan pang senior citizen on national television.
I switched channels. Bakit walang hologram ang GMA?!!!

When I switched back to ABS-CBN, Nina Corpus was interviewing some kids. According to her, the kids were paid a small amount to hawk some election paraphernalia. She probably thought it was a scoop. When Nina finally interviewed the children, they denied it completely. Uh-oh. Kasi naman mga bata yan, what can you expect. Even we have difficulty getting anything from celebrity kids. Poor Nina. She panicked and rambled on and on about how the kids told her a different story off cam. As the interview dragged on, we could hear Karen Davila saying “Nina… Nina… NINA!” But Nina just went on begging the kids to admit something on TV. Back in the studio, I could see pity written all over Julius Babao’s face while Karen had a smug one. She probably thought “man, I could handle that interview even with my eyes closed.”

Oh well, I guess Nina’s back to doing entertainment news after this election. What was that word again? Schadenfreude?

Teka, this is just in. According sa report ni MJ, nagpapatutsadahan na raw ang dalawang networks sa pagka-high-tech. Hindi lang labanan sa content (may content nga ba?) kung hindi sa effects. Hmmm… methinks we should have Max Headroom to do the reports (Sorry, 80s reference).

I do salute all those who went out and voted. At least somebody cared. But like I said, I already voted in Hell, which is, after all, where most of our politicians came from.

Sabi nga ng mga jejemons, YuN LnG PoW!

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Anonymous said…
GMA 7 have their own hologram..

No offense if your a Kapamilya, it's way much better than ABS-CBN's "hologram". I think they only made a cut-out of another camera.

Compare it from the images of this article..

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