aliwan paradise

As early as now, the list of leading candidates looks like a line-up for a Famas production number. You have Ate Vi who can do an explosive opening dance number; Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, and Tito Sotto for an oldies but goodies medley; and perhaps, with enough cajoling, we could have an additional surprise acoustic number with matching karate exhibition courtesy of Lito Lapid. The host, of course, would be Kris Aquino (but then this has always been Krissie's world and we all just live in it).

I wonder how the SONA would be like? Would it be like one gigantic supershow with Kuya Germs as host? Maybe in the next elections, we could have a Philippine Idol special Presidential edition so we could vote by sending text messages, jejemon style. At the end of the elections, the host (Raymond Gutierrez?) would turn to the judges and ask: Did the Philippines get it right this time?

Are we too starstruck that we truly believe our entertainers are the answer to our national woes? do we just want our politicians to have a double purpose --- to serve us as well as to entertain us? are we just tired of the trapos? but then enrile and drilon are still on the list.

oh well, what am I saying. what else is new? we already had erap for a president. i know, i should've done my part and voted. maybe i could've voted for perlas who is like in 16th place.

there is a movie that mike de leon made called Aliwan Paradise. The movie is set in the future and the government has established the Ministry of Entertainment. The role of this particular agency is to audition new entertainers, which are meant to keep the people pacified and, well, entertained, amidst all the strife and poverty. What can I say? Welcome to the future.


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