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Nuong isang araw nag-channel surfing ako. Lahat ang ingay ingay. Lahat sigaw ng sigaw. Lahat may birthday at lahat dadak ng dadak. Chika ng chika pero wala namang totoong laman.

Siguro dahil hindi natin alam kung bakit tayo nandito, lahat tayo kokak ng kokak. the meaningless noise that we make seems to be our angry reaction to the futility of life. Maybe it would be better if for once we would just shut the fuck up. Maybe then we would find meaning in silence.

aliwan paradise

As early as now, the list of leading candidates looks like a line-up for a Famas production number. You have Ate Vi who can do an explosive opening dance number; Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, and Tito Sotto for an oldies but goodies medley; and perhaps, with enough cajoling, we could have an additional surprise acoustic number with matching karate exhibition courtesy of Lito Lapid. The host, of course, would be Kris Aquino (but then this has always been Krissie's world and we all just live in it).

I wonder how the SONA would be like? Would it be like one gigantic supershow with Kuya Germs as host? Maybe in the next elections, we could have a Philippine Idol special Presidential edition so we could vote by sending text messages, jejemon style. At the end of the elections, the host (Raymond Gutierrez?) would turn to the judges and ask: Did the Philippines get it right this time?

Are we too starstruck that we truly believe our entertainers are the answer to our national woes? do we j…

ang bilog na hugis itlog (hindi ang itlog na hugis bilog)

“Kamusta naman ang pagboto?” text ni Rochelle sa akin.

Oh, it was peaceful and hassle-free, I said. In fact, I feel very much energized.

Of course, I didn’t vote. I was at home sleeping, dreaming of something. There are a lot of things that I don’t do as a Filipino citizen. In fact, there are a lot of things that I don’t do as a human being.

“Di ka ba boboto?” reply niya.

“Nakaboto na ako,” sabi ko, “sa impyerno!”

Cue: Thunder and evil laughter.

I was supposed to vote during the last election but when I got to the precinct I wasn’t on the list. I wish I had the inclination to vote but lately I’ve been extra angry at the human race.

Then MJ sent a text message, asking me if I’ve seen ABS-CBN’s hologram so I turn on the TV. Bongga lang talaga. Like a poor man’s CNN. Then Ces Drilon came on asking an old man if he has voted already. The man says he’s been waiting for hours now. “But don’t you get preferential treatment being a senior citizen?” Ces asks. “Hindi pa po ako senior citizen,” …


May 4

Parang ayokong simulan ang araw. Parang ayokong lumarga ang umaga na parang isang tren na lumilisan mula sa isang nagse-sentimental na istasyon. gusto ko umaga lang. i want to be frozen in this moment. the boyfriend sleeping on the bed, chi chi taking a refuge in the bathroom. me, smoking in front of the computer facing a blank page. kasi alam kong kapag nagsimula na ang tuesday ko may mga responsibilidad na akong dapat harapin. and it makes me sad just thinking of them. pwede bang mag-day dream muna kahit konti at makinig ng "A House is Not a Home" ni Dionne Warwick?

April 27

It's a quiet Tuesday night. I'm in the middle of finishing a script but somehow my mind keeps trailing off somewhere. i even keep forgetting that i have put a freshly lighted cigarette on my ashtray. the boyfriend is sleeping on the bed while chichi is on my feet dreaming of meat and milk (i hope). god, i'm so in love with the puppy. it feels as if she's really…