wish list

For Bam, I would like to find him a producer because I know he'll have the biggest orgasm directing movies

For Filma, I would get her a US Visa so she could finally find herself in the land of milk and honey

For MJ, I would like to find him the most perfect boyfriend because I know anything less wouldn't suffice

For Lany, I would like to find her someone who would love her just as she is

For Weng, I would give her a production company because she's a damn good producer

For Rochelle, I would get her a private plane so she could travel the world over

For Laisa, I would give her a rest house somewhere deep in the mountains where she could repair whenever she needs to

For Jed, I would like to get her reels and reels of film so she could make her odd movies over and over again

For Rik, I would give him millions of dollars so he could do whatever he wants to do regardless of whether his plans still includes me

As for myself, I'm going to get me an island! Population: three. Well, that is if Rik wants to go with me but if not then it'll just be me and my future dog Chichi.


Cue Moby


Nurse Line said…
helo po x-links po tayo.. bago palang blog ko.. tnx..

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